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We always refer to money, cash, and financial aspect as part of investment.  We are not aware that there are a lot of non-material things around which are very much priceless.  One of those is a degree.  Why do we consider a degree as investment? Why do a lot of people get degree online eventhough they have their own degrees at hand?  Why do people with career still prefer to get degree online?  Having a degree is a great advantage.  It can be comparable to your bank account, wealth, and jewelry.  Indeed, a degree is an investment.

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Are you familiar with a domino? It is a board game where you put and connect the deck or pack.  In life, to get degree online can be compared to a domino because it can also put things to pieces and connect one effect to the other.

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Once you have peace of mind, you become happy.  When you are happy, this will generate and would affect the people around you.  Things would be less stressful and the world will never be a cruel place for you to live with.

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